On 12th April 2008 the twinning of Socx and Caton-with-Littledale was formalised. Socx is located about 6 miles south of Dunkirk and has a population of about 1000.

Anyone in the parish is welcome to attend our fund raising events throughout the year and also join the trips to Socx and the events when they come to Caton. We particularly encourage families with children to take part as our activities are open to all ages.


On this day, 12th April 2008, the people of Caton and Brookhouse are honoured to formalise the twinning of our villages with Socx (France).

We are confident this relationship will enable the development of true and durable bonds of friendship and encourage mutual respect and understanding between our communities.

Our common aim is to promote cultural, linguistic and tourist exchanges between the people, schools and associations from each village.

Ruth Gibbons
Chairman of Caton & Brookhouse Twinning Association

Joyce Pritchard
Chairman of Caton-with-Littledale Parish Council


Ce jour, 12th April 2008 les habitants de Socx sont heureux de pouvoir créer des liens profonds d’amitié vrais et durables entre leur village et ceux de Caton et Brookhouse (Lancashire, Grande Bretagne) à l’occasion de leur jumelage.

Ils sont sûrs que cette union encouragera le respect mutuel, la compréhension et les liens réciproques entre des communautés.

Ils s’engagent à développer les échanges culturels, linguistiques et touristiques entre les écoles, les associations et les citoyens de tous âges, de chaque commune.

Andre Dassonville
Le Président de L’Association de Jumelage de Socx

Michel Gonon
Le Premier Adjoint au Maire de Socx