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Shiatsu is a massage system involving the stimulation of acupressure points following the ancient theories of Traditional Oriental Medicine. This is the same theory used by acupuncturists but in shiatsu the needles are replaced by finger-pressure, and modern massage techniques from physiotherapy and sports massage are also used as required.

Shiatsu is suitable for everyone and is regularly used to treat symptoms including:

  • PAIN back, neck, shoulder, joint, and muscular pains. Injuries and internal or non-specific pains
  • DISCOMFORT ~ headaches, digestive problems, rashes, breathing problems, women’s problems
  • STRESS ~ depression, anxiety, worry, blood pressure problems, emotional and mental confusion
  • POOR HEALTH ~ lack of physical or mental energy, low immunity to colds and flu’s, or a general feeling of being run-down

A session typically lasts for one hour though the first one may be longer to allow a detailed case history to be taken.

The shiatsu will usually take place on a padded futon on the floor, on a massage table or on a special massage chair if lying is uncomfortable. You will remain fully clothed throughout and should find the experience both deeply relaxing yet invigorating.

Martin is an experienced therapist who has been working with shiatsu for more than 15 years. He trained with the European School of Shiatsu in London, and is a member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society, following their codes of ethics and conduct.

Martin also uses the following techniques in his practice and these may be requested individually if needed:

CuppingSotaiMoxibustionWaveformPelvic CorrectionPostural CorrectionSeikiQi KungTai ChiOn-site Massage.

All available in Caton, Brookhouse and surrounding areas, and at Lancaster University (discounts available for staff and students)

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Martin Knowles