Grow Caton – August/September Update

Growing food crops teaches us to never take things for granted. As soon as we put seeds to soil in spring, we look forward to harvesting and eating what we’ve sown. This year has been a very challenging one with some of our hopes not being met. It has been great being able to discuss and compare with others in the village how their gardens have done and to find reassurance that it is not our skills but the season that could do better. Courgettes which usually do well have not been as prolific and we have concluded this is probably due to poor pollination. Sharp frosts last winter, a cold spring and then a long dry spell have meant far fewer pollinating insects around this year, and thus fewer courgettes and squashes. Potato crops were affected by the dry spell, whereas peas and beans have enjoyed the colder rainy summer. If you have been looking to find surplus veggies on our shelves, we must apologise for any disappointment. We have our hope set on fruit when this is ready. There are plenty of fruit trees in the village and it will be great to not let any go to waste, but to share the surplus. If you need a hand picking or collecting, then please do give us a shout.

The time for sowing veggies this year is finished, but we will top up the seed swap box with flower seeds. Please do pick up some seeds in September, in readiness to sow pollinator friendly plants next year.

You can get in touch with us via Peter Collins at the Victoria Institute, via Brigitte 770771 or email, via Anne 771470. Or   or email