Parking on pavements

At the May Annual Parish meeting, and at Caton Gala, residents complained to the Parish Council about parking on pavements.  During the sunny weather this summer, there were many incidences of bad parking on the A683 near Crook o’Lune.  Here is a reminder of teh legal position and police advice:

PARKING ON PAVEMENTS – Whilst parking on pavements is a nuisance there is currently no legislation
(outside London) to prevent it, providing that the footpath is not obstructed. Obstruction of the pavement is
a subjective measurement but the police would normally interpret it as to prevent a person, either walking,
in a wheelchair or pushing a pram or buggy from safely walking along a designated footpath. If a vehicle
is judged to be either parked dangerously or causing an obstruction the registered keeper could receive a
Fixed Penalty Notice.

Report problem vehicles to the police on 101 – always give the registration number
– and take a photo.