The Lune Millennium Park is a mixed use, hard surfaced path suitable for cyclists and walkers with pushchairs and wheelchairs. It follows the course of a disused railway line and so is relatively level.

As a mixed used path, users need to be considerate of each other. Cyclists may need to ring their bell to alert walkers of their presence. Walkers will need to watch their children & dogs.

Look out for the artworks and information boards.

Lune Millenium Park

  1. Leave the Millennium Bridge by the upper exit on the south bank, and head up-river. Wriggle through an underpass beneath a busy road and continue along the cycle-track, under Skerton Bridge and past Skerton Weir.
  2. The Lune Aqueduct. 3.4 km/2.1 miles.
    Continue straight ahead, passing under the M6, to a small parking area where the route crosses a minor road.

    Look out for: A fine view of Halton-on-Lune (mentioned in the Domesday Book) soon after the motorway bridge.

  3. Crossing of Denny Beck Lane. 5.4 km/3.4 miles 
    Keep straight ahead along the track, passing the old railway station. Further on the route goes through a small tunnel then dips down to cross the river; just beyond this the Crook O’Lune car park and picnic area are above on the left.

    Look out for: More weirs; salmon fishermen and perhaps some of the fish themselves leaping out of the water.There are several pieces of artwork along here too, including some controversial upside-down trees and a giant heron.

  4. Crook O’Lune. 7.4 km/4.6 miles.
    Parking, toilets.
    Follow the track across another bridge and into the outskirts of Caton village.

    Look out for: great views from the bridge. The sharp bend of the river is what geographers call an incised meander.

  5. Access to Caton village centre. 8.4 km/5.3 miles. Parking.
    Keep following the track, with care where it crosses some farm access roads.

    Caton is a great place to stop and refuel before you walk or cycle back to your start point. The village pubs offer welcome refreshment and there are also local shops.

  6. Opposite Bull Beck car park and picnic area. 10.2 km/6.4 miles.
    Parking, toilets.

    TAKE CARE if crossing the main road to/from the car park and picnic area. The route simply continues straight along the track.

    Look out for: The sweeping bend of the river. The shallow waters here are very popular with anglers.

  7. End of track. 10km/6.2 miles.
    A footpath continues along the river bank but cyclists must either join the busy road or turn round and retrace their route.