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Committee: Glenn Stevens, Treasurer;  Benita Smith, Secretary;   Audrey Croft,  Chair. .

Phone Number: 771943
Owner Name: Benita Smith
Address: C/O Victoria Institure
Brookhouse Road, Caton,
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The Caton and Brookhouse Gardening Club was founded, way back in 1882, with the rather grand sounding name of The Caton and District Floral and Horticultural Society, in order to foster an interest in horticulture and to provide a community of interest in the district.

In the early days it had a full committe of very knowledgeable people and  flourished as a genuine ‘Horticultural Society’, the centrepiece of it’s annual calendar being a full blown ‘mini Chelsea’ Show.

Unfortunately, over the last decade or so of 20th century, the experienced members of the committee were becoming very thin on the ground and those who were left were ‘slowing down’, as happens to all of us as we age, so staging the show was becoming more and more difficult. At the same time the Society experienced difficulties recruiting people on to the commitee, and, sadly, it slowly started to die. Despite the efforts of Chairman Moyra Loads (wife of the late Fred Loads, one time committee member of the Society), for a short time, the Society was virtually dormant.

In 1998, Moyra’s efforts to resurrect the Society finally bore fruit. The members of the old committee handed over to a new band of people who, while they were enthusiastic, lacked the skills of the old guard. Consequently, while the Society’s official title is still The Caton and District Floral and Horticultural Society, it now operates in a much less formal way and, since 2004, under the less intimidating name of The Caton and Brookhouse Gardening Club. George Woodend became chairman and Moyra Loads was awarded life membership.

The Caton and Brookhouse Gardening Club has settled down and is thriving on a fairly fixed annual programme of events, most of which are held in the Victoria Institue in Caton at 7:30pm on the second Thursday in any month. In addition to the annual programme, committee members maintain the planters, millenium trees and the seat outside the old library.

Annual membership costs the extortionate amount of £3.50! This is payable at the AGM which is held on the second Thursday in April and starts our year which looks something like this:

Sees us holding our annual Plant Sale and Coffee Morning – usually on the first or second Saturday morning. We buy in plants from a local nursery and, with just a modest mark up, sell them on. This provides a service for the local community and helps us to stock our coffers which cannot manage with just a £3.50 annual subscription. We also sell plants donated by both our members and generous members of the public and, for the entry fee of £1.00 we provide tea/coffee/juice and some posh biscuits.
From 2016 we have expanded our Plant Sale to make it more of a Spring Fair. We now include, in addition to the plants, tables for various village organisations / schools / ‘craftspeople’ / people to advertise their presence and/or sell whatever they want to sell. We don’t try to make a profit from them as we want to create a convivial village atmosphere: ‘A Nice Morning out at the Victoria Institute’. However, we do have to cover the cost of the tables and, to date, the cost of a table has usually been around £4.50 for the morning. So. if you want a table at our next Nice Morning Out at the Victoria Insitiute, please contact our secretary.
On the second Thursday in June we have an Evening Trip to a garden in the area. The evening trip gardens are often, but not always, gardens from the Yellow Book. The Evening Trip usually involves our members in a tea drinking and cake eating activity as well as that of wandering round someone’s garden oooohing and aaaaahing and getting ideas for our own.
Every four years or so we organise the Caton and Brookhouse Open Gardens event sometime in the last fortnight of June. This event is enjoyed as much by the people who open their gardens as the people who visit the gardens and has always been a success . . . even in the years when the heavens have opened on us! To see a slide show of the 20 gardens opened in June 2018 please click the following link:  https://youtu.be/-dE4xcctKyY .
Is the time we host our Mini Harvest Show. This is a very informal affair for members to show off their arts. We have several classes including such things as home grown fruit and veg, some sort of baked item, a piece of craftwork with a floral theme, a flower arrangement, an indoor plant and so on. Entries are anonymous and we developed a democratic system for judging them using a voting system. Each person attending the event has one vote for every class and the winner of a class is that entry polling the most votes. We also dish up tea and posh biscuits and have a good old chin wag while the votes are being counted
Our Speaker Secretaries arrange for varied and interesting speakers to come to the Victoria Institute to speak to us and October sees our first ‘Speaker Evening’ of the year, accompanied, of course, by the ubiquitous tea and posh biscuits.
In November we do not invite a speaker; we have a Gardening DVD Night. This saves speaker fees and actually makes for a very pleasant occasion accompanied, of course, by, you guessed it, tea and posh biscuits.
In December we have a break from speakers and used to hold a Social Evening where we have a bit of fun. But this is not accompanied by tea and biscuits, this is accompanied by wine and nibbles.
As from 2019 our ‘Social Evening’ is being morphed into a members’ question and answer evening. This is an event where we all sit round the room guzzling mince pies and drinking tea and where a member can ask a question on a problematic gardenening issue and, hopefully, receive an answer from another memeber who has already experienced and soved the issue. Watch this space.
Our members are usually so busy in December that we hold our annual Festive Meal in January at some local hostelry. We usually have some sort of quiz and prize to add a bit of interest as most of us are a bit jaded by the time Christmas and New Year are over!
Sees our second Speaker Evening, accompanied, of course, by tea and posh biscuits.
Sees our third and final Speaker Evening. Guess what accompanies it? Correct 🙂

And that completes the circle with in

The Annual General Meeting that starts off the following year accompanied by, no, not tea and posh biscuits, but wine and nibbles.

Entry to speaker evenings for members costs just £1.00. We have between 50 and 60 members though would welcome new members at any time of year.

Non members are welcome to our speaker evenings but for a charge of £2:00.

Oh, and incidentally, membership of the Caton and Brookhouse Gardening Club entitles a member to 10% discount at WCF in Claughton and Bay View Garden Centre in Bolton-le-Sands but . . .  hold your horses . . . only on producing a current membership card and satisfactory identification.

Phone Number: 07796550248
Owner Name: Mr Graham Ransom
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Caton Book Group is a small, informal group of people who enjoy reading a wide range of books and talking about them. We would welcome new members. We normally meet on the first Monday of each month at 8pm at The Station in Caton.

October 2020          F Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby

November 2020              Emma Donohue – The Room

December 2020 Ali Smith – How To Be Both

January 2021 Sebastian Faulkner – On Green Dolphin Street

February 2021 Julian Barnes – A Sense of an Ending


Phone Number: 01524 770174
Owner Name: Alison Harry
Long Description:

We meet in the Thomas Storey Room at the Victoria Institute. We are a friendly group and welcome anyone from surrounding areas near or far, including: Hornby, Brookhouse and Halton.

Just visiting the area? Thinking of moving here? You’re welcome to come and meet us.

Join us on Mondays 10.00-12.00 from September to April.

We have a different speaker every week.

Our annual membership is £5.00 then £1.50 per week, non -members £3 per session that includes tea/coffee & biscuit.

In addition to our weekly talks we also have a Chair based exercise group with Norma (as reported in The Lancaster Guardian). Sessions are held on Mondays 9.00-10.00. Members  who attend report mobility and well-being improved.

Further information call Susan  01524 771862

Phone Number: 01524 771862
Owner Name: Susan
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LUNE VALLEY OCEAN WAVERS SQUARE DANCE CLUB meets at The Centre@Halton, Low Road, Halton LA2 6NB on Mondays starting at 7-30pm. We are the only club within a 50 mile radius of Halton to offer beginners’ classes and can only accept new dancers for this limited period so don’t miss this opportunity to join in the fun.

Even if you think you can’t dance, give square dancing a go and you’ll be dancing from the very start. There’s no fancy footwork or complicated routines to remember. In fact, if you can walk normally at about marching pace you can Square Dance. The challenge is to learn the moves but our experienced Caller will quickly have you dancing to a variety of music from Country and Western to all-time favourites and modern pop. Learning to square dance opens up a whole new world of fun and friendship. Square dancing is good healthy exercise, mentally stimulating and emotionally uplifting. It promotes overall fitness and cardiac conditioning and burns off calories. Above all, it is great fun – we laugh a lot, which is the best medicine of all. So, come and join us on one or more of the free nights – everyone welcome – couples or singles – two left feet no problem – and you will be dancing straight away. There’s even free tea and biscuits at break time.More information from Peter (01524 771415) or Sheila (01524 411439). Club website:  www.oceanwavers.co.uk, email: oceanwavers@hotmail.co.uk,

Phone Number: 01524 771415
Phone Number 2: 01524 411439
Owner Name: Ocean Wavers
Twinning Group
Long Description:

On 12th April 2008 the twinning of Socx and Caton-with-Littledale was formalised. Socx is located about 6 miles south of Dunkirk and has a population of about 1000.
Anyone in the parish is welcome to attend our fund raising events throughout the year and also join the trips to Socx and the events when they come to Caton. We particularly encourage families with children to take part as our activities are open to all ages.

On this day, 12th April 2008, the people of Caton and Brookhouse are honoured to formalise the twinning of our villages with Socx (France).

We are confident this relationship will enable the development of true and durable bonds of friendship and encourage mutual respect and understanding between our communities.

Our common aim is to promote cultural, linguistic and tourist exchanges between the people, schools and associations from each village.

Ruth Gibbons
Chairman of Caton & Brookhouse Twinning Association

Joyce Pritchard
Chairman of Caton-with-Littledale Parish Council
Ce jour, 12th April 2008 les habitants de Socx sont heureux de pouvoir créer des liens profonds d’amitié vrais et durables entre leur village et ceux de Caton et Brookhouse (Lancashire, Grande Bretagne) à l’occasion de leur jumelage.

Ils sont sûrs que cette union encouragera le respect mutuel, la compréhension et les liens réciproques entre des communautés.

Ils s’engagent à développer les échanges culturels, linguistiques et touristiques entre les écoles, les associations et les citoyens de tous âges, de chaque commune.

Andre Dassonville
Le Président de L’Association de Jumelage de Socx

Michel Gonon
Le Premier Adjoint au Maire de Socx

Phone Number: 07775 802676
Owner Name: Tricia Griffiths
Womens Institute
Long Description:

The Women’s Institute (WI) was formed in 1915 with two clear aims: to revitalise rural communities and to encourage women to become more involved in producing food during the First World War. Since then our aims have broadened and we are now the largest women’s organisation in the UK. We celebrated our 90th anniversary in 2005 and currently have 210,000 members in 7,000 WIs.

We play a unique role in providing women with educational opportunities and the chance to build new skills, to take part in a wide variety of activities and to campaign on issues that matter to them and their communities.

Caton WI is one of the oldest in the country, having been formed in 1921. We have approximately 60 members some of whom not only meet locally but are also involved in activities with the Lancashire Federation eg. the WI choir, craft workshops, quizzes, walks etc.

Caton WI normally meets on the first Thursday of the month at the Victoria Institute. Meetings usually start at 7.30pm with a short business meeting followed by a speaker. The committee try to make the programme as varied as possible in order to satisfy the varied interests of our members. We end with light refreshments and a chance to catch up on gossip!

New members are always welcome. Just turn up on the day of the meeting, and we will look out for you.

Check the diary on the website for details of the next meeting or other events.

Long Description:

Organises outings to plays, pantomimes and other events in the area.  With transport from Caton & Brookhouse.

Phone Number: 01524 771943
Owner Name: Benita Smith