Help fund the improvements to our Fell View Play Park!

Caton-with-Littledale Parish Council is responsible for the maintenance and safety of our Play Park.   The latest Safety Inspection flagged issues, and we have set about dealing with its recommendations.  Some were tackled by volunteers working hard to tidy up, weed the ground, and prune the trees (86 hours so far). Others, such as replacing rotten decking, installing new swing seats, and ordering top up CushionFall material have been paid for from a reserve built up over the years.  However, more than 12 years after the Play Park was built, we find ourselves facing heavy expenditure to replace some equipment and structures. The amount needed is more than the Parish Council had set aside for the purpose.  Key items include £1500 to replace benches and tables, £6000 to replace rotting timbers in fences and banking, and over £7500 to remove and replace a much-loved play hut. So, we must ask local residents and businesses and charities for help to ensure this much-loved public amenity is available to our children for many more years to come.

Our target is £10000, and you can contribute by paying direct into the Parish Council bank account:

Bank code 60-83-01, Account 20471622, Name Caton with Little Parish Council.

Please enter PlayPark as the reference.  Or if you would prefer to contribute cash or a cheque, money can be left with Peter Collins at the Victoria Institute. All donations will be used only for the Play Park.