Marking the Coronation of King CHarles III

Coronation Bank Holiday: The Big Help Out

The Palace has suggested making the extra Bank Holiday Monday (8th May) a day to encourage volunteering, calling it “The Big Help Out”. Here in Caton-with-Littledale we would like to make it a day to say thank you and celebrate all the people who volunteer throughout our parish, whether it is through organisations or just by giving a helping hand to a neighbour. Ideas so far include having a Volunteering Fair in the morning, with opportunities for practical activities locally, followed by a Jacob’s Join lunch in the Victoria Institute. We would also like to have a display of residents’ memorabilia from the last Coronation and perhaps an exhibition about the our area since that time.

Would you or your organisation like to get involved? We are having a planning meeting on Monday 13th March at 7pm in the Victoria Institute. Do come and help make this a celebration of the people who help!

Enquiries to Jenny Walmsley on 771299 or Peter Collins at the Victoria Institute.