Wildflower patches

The wildflower patches at the end of Station Road have now had their end of season cut, and the gradual restoration of these areas will continue. Still very much a ‘work in progress’, our Environment Group, all local volunteers, aims to increase the number and variety of flowers over time whilst naturally suppressing vigorous grass growth. Many hundreds of plug plants have been dug in, and the early spring showing was a great success. Disappointment struck when Travellers put their horse to graze on a glorious summer flowering and churned one site to mud! Many thanks to Erica Sarney for donating even more plants to rescue the situation. Hungry horse aside, the wildflowers have been a welcome source of food for a wide range of pollinators, many of which are in serious decline. If you would like to get involved in giving nature a helping hand and creating something very lovely to see, please get in touch with Judy Powell (771154).