Grow Caton

August News:

Caton has been growing food steadily throughout the summer months and our group has been busy watering, harvesting and processing. Some of our food has been eaten straight from the garden, some has been frozen, dried, jammed, jellied and we will be exploring juicing soon (does anyone have a juicer we could borrow?). We are grateful for the offers of fruit we have received and remain open to offers as we do not like to see any fruit go to waste. To encourage using all the food that we grow we are looking at how best to share and may try setting up a fruit and veg box, where you can pick up spares that we have.

Some of our group are exploring the setting up of a community orchard funded by the Caton B4RN volunteer group and are in talks with the Parish Council and the Gardening Club. If this is something that you have experience with, or an interest in, then please do get in touch! We have identified possible locations and need to choose the most suitable fruits and varieties, before embarking on the ground preparation and learning about pruning and maintenance.

To join us or find out more about us and what we are doing, contact us via Peter Collins at the Victoria Institute, or email directly to