POllinator Patches

Last Autumn our informal Environment Group refreshed the pollinator patches at the end of Station Road.  Working with Erica Sarney, the aim was to create wildflower ‘meadow’ areas in spaces which previously had been just rough mown grass.  We planted wildflower plugs, scattered seeds, and crossed our fingers that from Spring onwards there would be plenty of lovely flowers for people and pollinators to enjoy. It is great to see so much coming up, with early primrose and cowslip, and now there is ragged robin, vetch, and red campion in the mix.  Very satisfying too to see bees and other insects buzzing from plant to plant.  Please do keep your eye on how things develop over the season as ox eye daisy, meadow cranesbill, knapweed and much more will be appearing in the weeks ahead.  Yes, there is lots of grass too! In amongst it now is yellow rattle which over time will naturally suppress vigorous grass growth, giving opportunity for the wildflowers to thrive in the years ahead.

We plan to do more work and planting in these areas so if you are interested in getting involved, would like more information, or have comments, please get in touch with Judy Powell on 771154.