Defibrillator for Caton Green

For a while now I have been aware that we are a fair distance to our nearest Defibrillator in Brookhouse so I am fundraising for a public access defibrillator for Caton Green, I’m delighted to say that the directors of Hillcroft Nursing Home have agreed to its installation on the front wall of their building which is central to the village and will be easily accessible at any time of day or night. Once it is installed, we will be provided with training on its use.

In just two weeks  I have been pledged £1215 by my friends and family.( £1500 is needed for the initial purchase.) They are supporting me to complete a 25k Trail run from Keswick in May.  You can search on Facebook for ‘Defibrillator for Caton Green’ to support me – or if you would rather not do this through Facebook you can donate in person at Marybank Farm (Cheques to Mrs P Griffiths) or contact me to arrange another method. Any donation will be very gratefully received as there are additional ongoing costs for maintenance and replacement of pads etc.

Obviously, for all our sakes, I hope this equipment will never be needed!

Tricia Griffiths        07775 802676