Living Advent Calendar

Living Advent is back and we need volunteers!

Each evening from 1st-24th December a different window in the village will be decorated with a Christmas scene.  At 6pm each evening a window will be ‘opened’.   The locations for each window will be posted on facebook via the village pages.  Once open they will remain in place until  28th December so people can enjoy them and if any are missed they can catch up.  Cards will be available for the children through the schools so they can collect the windows the have found.

If you would like to volunteer or find out some more information please get in touch with Laura Wadsworth via the Caton Baptist Church facebook page or   All we ask is that the window you decorate will be visible from the street so no-one needs to enter the grounds of your property and that the window is able to be lit every evening from your date until 28th December from 6pm for a few hours. Thank you.