Himalayan Balsam Control – Volunteers Needed

We are looking for volunteers to remove Himalayan Balsam along the banks of the River Lune.

Himalayan Balsam is a non-native, invasive, flowering plant which is flourishing along the River Lune. It grows in dense stands, shading out other flowers and reducing plant diversity. It has shallow roots and dies back in Winter leaving the ground bare and at risk of erosion.

We want to remove it by picking it, leaving the ground clear for native species to establish, these are deeper rooted and help to stabilize the river bank.

The first date for this is 21st July 2021. We will meet at Denny Beck car park, Halton at 10.30am, children welcome.

We will be joined by Louisa Blundell from Lune Rivers Trust, who will explain, the benefits of picking the balsam and the most effective method.

Please wear suitable clothing, long sleeved shirts and trousers and sturdy footwear to prevent possible scratches and stings. The balsam is not toxic.

If the forecast is for torrential rain the event will be postponed.

Please contact Gill Oliver if you wish to join in. Details are:  email kirkbeck2004@yahoo.co.uk

Mobile 07968 727 394

We would like your details in case we have to postpone due to bad weather and to give an idea of numbers.

Gloves and bags will be provided but if you have your own, please bring them.