The current government voucher scheme which helps fund the expansion of B4RN in the village is ending soon. It is VITAL that anyone who would like a connection to hyper fast, full fibre, Gigabit broadband applies for a voucher today.

Once applied for B4RN have 12 months to redeem these vouchers. This government money will fund the hard dig of fibre connections into our villages.

Search “GETB4RN” in a browser, fill in your postcode on the page that comes up, and fill in the subsequent form.   For more information see the B4RN entry below

CATON NEWS – The plan to install B4RN fibre broadband into Caton, through the pavements, is nearly complete. A “toby” box will be dropped in the pavement at the boundary of each property. Various options are available for you to then get it into your property. B4RN service costs £30/month (unlimited 1Gb upload and download) and there is a one off £150 connection fee. However, if done through the government voucher scheme, a £150 payment is made back to you when the service goes live. The contract stipulates taking a 12-month service but B4RN charge NO leaving fees, so it is, essentially, a monthly rolling contract.

The government voucher scheme that enables projects like this to happen ends soon.  It is vitally important that, if you have not done so already, you go to the “GETB4RN” page and apply for the voucher before 12th March. B4RN then have 12 months to redeem that voucher (meaning they need to install the network in the village before March 2022)