Victoria Institute Reopens for Meetings and Classes

hase 1 of the Re-opening of the Victoria Institute

Regulations now allow for Village Halls to re-open with the proviso that precautions are taken to mitigate risks of coronavirus transmission.  Following guidance from both Government and agencies supporting village halls, the Council of Management has carried out a detailed analysis of virus infection risks within the Victoria Institute, and this has shaped our approach to re-opening.  Caution has been a key principle, and so facilities and services will resume on a phased basis with each one closely monitored.  Initially, we will re-open for room bookings with effect from 3rd August; drop in services, such as the Community Library and IT Room, will follow at a later date.


The Institute is a community hub so it is important that space is available for those groups who wish to meet as allowed by current regulations.  However, things will be different as social distancing must be adhered to, and hygiene throughout is essential.  Consequently, there are new terms and conditions attached to room bookings, and some types of activities are not yet allowed.

For those groups wanting to return, we ask that group leaders carry out their own assessment of risks.  Social distancing means a maximum of 30 attendees, and each room has a recommended limit according to the 2 metre or 1 metre plus rules.

Within the building, there will be a one-way system, an enhanced cleaning schedule, and hand sanitiser at all doorways. These are measures that we have put in place to reduce risks, and we ask that all Users play their part too. Please allow time before and after all bookings so that hand-touch surfaces can be cleaned with products provided.  We can work together to keep each other as safe as possible.

Whilst we will do our best to accommodate the booking requirements of all our regular users, it might be necessary to ask some groups to make changes to their arrangements to avoid crowding or other hazards.

As with many other areas of life in these times, all these changes are a lot to take in. To help visualise how things will be, please follow the link to a video which shows preparations made to ready the building for reopening:

All details of our risk assessment are available on the Victoria Institute website, please find this in our Terms & Conditions (or can be sent to you in the post) along with:

  • Special Terms and Conditions
  • Agreement to new terms and conditions
  • Risk Assessment for User Groups (for information and assistance)

Peter Collins, our Community Support Worker can be contacted on 771733 during normal hours to answer any queries and help you with bookings.

We look forward to seeing you again.


Enquiries for Caton and Brookhouse Community Pandemic Support Group, regarding telephone befrienders, volunteers willing to collect prescriptions and go shopping for people who are self-isolated or unwell. Please phone:- (01524) 771733

For future updates, please watch  our Facebook page