Video Editing

Video editing with Charles Willmott.

Monday 9, 16, 23, 30 April. 19:30-21:30

Using free video editing software, learn the aesthetic and technical aspects of video editing. Charles Willmott begins this introductory course by exploring storytelling and an editor’s role in it. Using classic and contemporary examples in cinema, he examines the “grammar” of editing, showing how an editor’s decisions impacts the advancement of story.
£40 (£20 for people on means tested benefits or in full time education – please bring evidence of your entitlement to the first course)

Charles Willmott graduated from Film Theory & Video Production at University of West London. His final year experimental short film was selected in London Short Film Festival (The Cool Club). He went on to work as a freelance videographer and Animation teacher. He has created videos for the NHS, Sport Direct, Martha Lane Fox (co-creator of, Stonegate pubs and more. To book visit or call 07582789406



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