Silver Jewellery: Make Personalised Presents

Silver Jewellery: Make Personalised Presents - Cost - £40 This class is a workshop style session offering students with some experience of jewellery making the opportunity to use a concentrated block of time to make one or more gifts with the support of a teacher. The course can also be used to produce a more complicated piece or to undertake an in-depth exploration of a specific technique. Silver and other materials can be bought from college during class please bring cash, a packed lunch, apron and any eyeglasses or reading glasses needed. The silver to make a ring would cost approximately £2 to £4, a bangle £5 to £10, a pendant or earrings £3 - £6. You may bring along your own tools or materials if you wish. To Enrol Call: 0333 003 1717 or online: You can also view the guide online here:


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