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Lancaster City Council: People, Homes & Jobs - How should we plan for our district's future?

New evidence suggests that Lancaster City Council  should plan for around 9,500 jobs and 13,000 new homes for the years up to 2031 to provide for our growing and changing community.
Drop-in meetings are being held later in October.

Ellel Village Hall 20/10 2pm-7pm

Dolphinholme Village Hall 21/10 2pm-7pm

Lancs & Morecambe College 22/10 2pm-7pm

Carnforth Heritage Centre 27/10 2pm-7pm

Slyne Memorial Hall 28/10 2pm-7pm

Lancaster Methodist Church on Scotforth Road 29/10 2pm-7pm

Two new parish councillors

At its September meeting , the Parish Council co-opted Hannah Diggle and Sid Thompson as councillors, joining Karen Hill who was co-opted at the July meeting.  This means that there is just one place left on the Council; if you are interested in becoming involved in the work of the Council please contact the Parish Clerk.

Where in the village shall we put new homes?

Where shall we put new homes? What should they look like?  And what about places to work or play? People who live or work in Caton, Brookhouse, Littledale and Caton Green are invited to a meeting on Friday October 9th at the Victoria Institute at 6.30pm to find out about neighbourhood plans.  Come along to hear about what a Neighbourhood Plan can – and can’t – do to enable people in the village to shape development which takes place in our area.

Police and crime news for Caton & Brookhouse

During the last few months (June to August) the police have been alerted to a number of burglaries in Caton and Brookhouse and neighbouring areas.  Criminals  target cars, caravans, sheds and vans which contain tools, as well as homes, shops and hotels.  The police have increased their patrols along the cycle path between Caton, Lancaster  and Glasson Dock to improve public safety here. There have also been reports of poaching in the area. Please make sure your premises are secure and contact the police if you see anything suspicious. Ring 999 in an emergency or 101 at other times.

Changes at the Station Hotel

Anthony Rooker and his family are leaving the  the Station Hotel. During his time at the Station, Anthony has worked with the local community to raise money for local clubs and charities, put on events, and provide a welcoming place which has helped bring the community together. Everyone's hard work was recognised when The Station won 'Best Bar in Lancaster 2014'. Anthony and his family are moving to The Greyhound, Halton, on the 24th August.

A successful visit from our twin village in France

28 adults and 11 children from our twin village Socx visited us 9-12 July. On their arrival they were given a reception by the Parish Council before heading off to the homes of the host families. On Friday morning, at their request, the children went to school, younger ones to Caton Community Primary School and the older ones to Ripley St Thomas, whilst most adults had a more leisurely breakfast before setting out to see more of the area. Everyone met up after lunch to take a tour around Lancaster Castle.

Caton & Brookhouse and the Lancaster Guardian

The Lancaster Guardian will publish items of village news and reports of events in its Community News pages.  We need to write up the material ourselves and send it in, and there is no guarantee it will be published.  But it would be good to have more about our village in the local paper.  This could be information about forthcoming gigs by local groups, Best Kept Village news, reports on talks or events at the Victoria Institute, new businesses....If you would like your material to appear in the Lancaster Guardian, please contact our village correspondent, who is now Jenny Walmsley.  Her p

House to let

3 Milestone Place, Fell View, Caton, LA2 9RF

 Lune Valley Rural Housing Association has a vacancy.  The rent is £96.49  a week. If you are interested please contact Dean Wall at Adactus Housing on 0300 1111133 | ext: 7770

New parish councillor

We are delighted to welcome new councillor Karen Hill who has been co-opted onto the Parish Council.  There are three further vacancies for councillors;  anyone who would like to be considered for membership of the Council is asked to contact the Parish Clerk.  The Chair of the PC is Jenny Walmsley and the Deputy is Rob Paine.  Parish Council minutes may be read here on the village website, and on the notice boards at the Village Institute and on Brookhouse Road outside Wavecrest.

Overgrown hedges

Pavements and pathways should be kept clear of obstructions so that pedestrians, especially those in wheelchairs or with pushcahirs, can pass easily.  In a number of places in our villages hedges have grown out over the pavement.  In some cases this has happened over a period of years, gradually encroaching on the pavement.  Please ensure that your hedge is cut back in line with the imside edge of the pavement.


Windmill Race at Caton Gala

Here is a photo of competitors in the Windmill race.  Photographer: Ruth Maudsley. More photos and stories about the Gala will appear soon!

Victoria Institute - Hall Floor

When work began on sanding the Hall floor, it became apparent that we had a serious problem.  Water had pooled under the floor, and was soaking the boards from underneath.  It will be necessary to remove all boards and instal specialist machines to dry the sub-floor, a process which could take up to four weeks.  Only when there is no further evidence of damp can a new floor be laid.  We are in discussions with the Institute’s Insurers, and indications are that some, if not all, related costs should be covered.

Best Kept Village - and Litter Pick

We don’t know when the judges for the Best-Kept Village competition will come, but we know they are interested in verges and footpaths as well as gardens and flower-beds.  Please ensure that your road and local public spaces are tidy – why not get together with your neighbours to organise a local litter pick.  The Parish Council can provide litter picking equipment such as gloves, bags and grabbers for you to borrow.

Flag raising

We have a flagpole at the War Memorial in Caton, and flags are raised there 8-12 times a year for various occasions.  We need a volunteer to take over responsibility for raising and lowering our flags.  The work is all done from the ground using ropes.  Please contact the Parish Clerk if you would like to know more Mrs Sue Brown. Telephone - 07742580476. E-mail -  catonparishcouncil@gmail.com

Bus shelters

At present the bus shelter at the Black Bull (heading in to Lancaster) is some way from the actual bus stop.  This is because the stop was moved further from the junction with Littledale Road for safety reasons.  The Parish Council is considering moving the bus shelter or replacing it with another one, positioned by the bus stop.  To justify the cost and paperwork involved in repositioning the shelter, we need to know whether people have missed the bus because of where the stop is, or have felt obliged to wait by the stop rather than under cover in order to be sure of catching the bus.  At

March Madness - A busy month of inter-school activities at Caton CPS

As you are reading this the children, staff and families will have been enjoying a well earned holiday, as well as remembering and celebrating Easter. This was marked in school by a lovely assembly by Alan Wadsworth and the class 1 children making their specially embroidered Easter cards. Their sewing skills were very impressive!

Places Available On Twinning Visit to Socx - 28th to 31st August

Our friends in Socx are looking forward to our next visit and have been making plans for our entertainment. They are hoping that their visit last year and the video quizzes which we have run during the year both for adults and in the schools will have encouraged more of you to consider visiting them. You can be sure of a warm welcome. The area is very close to action of the First World War and as we are remembering the centenary of the start of the war, a visit to one of the cemeteries or other places of interest might be on the cards.