A successful visit from our twin village in France

28 adults and 11 children from our twin village Socx visited us 9-12 July. On their arrival they were given a reception by the Parish Council before heading off to the homes of the host families. On Friday morning, at their request, the children went to school, younger ones to Caton Community Primary School and the older ones to Ripley St Thomas, whilst most adults had a more leisurely breakfast before setting out to see more of the area. Everyone met up after lunch to take a tour around Lancaster Castle. In the evening we held a very enjoyable Jacob’s Join in the garden of Diane Hickie during which we were treated to music and dancing organised by the Caton Folk Group. Fortunately the weather was perfect for most of the time but when it started to rain we were able to continue in the marquee kindly loaned by the gala committee. On Saturday morning, several children played football – the English won 21-20 - whilst others were taken out and about by their hosts before our final dinner & disco held at The Centre in Halton.

Once again it was a really enjoyable weekend. We all made several new friends – not only amongst the French families for whom it was their first visit but also amongst people from our own village who had not previously been involved. We are already thinking about plans for our visit to Socx in 2016 and it would be lovely to see even more people taking part in Twinning activities whether or not they are able to host families. Twinning is a wonderful way of getting to know people and places much more intimately than visiting as a tourist.

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