Lune Valley Rural Housing Association

Lune Valley Rural Housing Association provides affordable homes for rent in our village and in neighbouring parishes, including Hornby and Halton. Vacancies do come up from time to time. People who want to be considered for a LVRHA home must first register with Lancaster City Council.  LVRHA aims to give priority to people with a connection to the parish in which the house is situated, or if there is no-one suitable, to someone from a neighbouring parish. They do also have to take into account the size of the home, for instance a three-bedroom family home would not be allocated to a single person without children. There is a lot of pressure on the management company to not have houses sitting empty, so it is important that people who may need a local home if one comes up register with Lancaster City Council as soon as possible so they are already in the system. In future, infomation about vacancies should be made available through the village website or Facebook. At present, LVRH expects four properties within the new development on Hornby Road  in Caton to become available early in 2019.So if you might be interested please register with Lancaster City Council soon.

Lune Valley Rural Housing Association's website is at

Lancaster City Council's Housing Register is at


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