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Emergency Planning
How prepared you are for the next emergency. What do you need to fix after the rain and wind in October and November? Next time  it could be floods, high winds, snow, power cuts...  You can have bad weather alerts sent to you by the Met Office as emails or texts - ask Peter Collins at the Victoria Institute for help setting these up if need be.
How ready are you and those you care for?
Get prepared well ahead - perhaps trimming back branches and checking drains when the weather is OK.
Do you know if any neighbours, friends or family might need help? Have you their phone numbers handy?
 Are you stocked up? A basic checklist includes: battery-operated radio, torches and candles, tinned and packet food. Bottled water. Medicines and first aid. Essentials for babies and pets.
 If you rely on mobile phones, do you know where there is a plug-in phone that will still work if the power is off? If it is stormy, keep your mobile charged while there is power!
 If your home is all-electric, do you have any other source of heat - or do you have a neighbour or friend with gas or a wood-burning stove?
If bad weather is coming,  secure or put away garden furniture, weigh down hen runs and rabbit hutches.  Can you put your car in a garage or under cover?
Community preparedness
The Victoria Institute is our emergency centre and will be staffed if there is an emergency affecting our community.  If there is a prolonged loss of power, generators will provide electricity.  If you need access to the Victoria Institute in an emergency and it is not already open, there is a list of key holders displayed by the entrance nearest the War Memorial. 

We have a small group of Community Emergency Coordinators covering our villages and the area of Quernmore along the A683 from the Crook o'Lune to the Lune Viaduct.  Contact them if you need advice now or help in an emergency.  They are:
Rob Paine, Forge Mill.  771260. 07932 735 843
Ray Elvis, 41 Hall Drive 770969. 07947 536 569
Ron Gibbons, Beech Villa, Holme Lane. 770002. 07732 543 575
Peter Collins, 8 Pinewood Avenue. 770191 or 771733. 07964 537 277
Jenny Walmsley,  Moorlands, Moorside Road.  771299. 07961 292 186
Denny Beck
Janet Taylor. 7 Denny Bank. 770537
Bruce Alexander, Heather Barn, Rigg Lane. 32789. 077670 091 812

If you can get involved in our emergency plan, please contact Peter Collins at the Victoria Institute. We are very keen to hear from residents who could offer practical help, for instance checking homes, clearing fallen trees or transporting people in a 4x4 or similar. And any RAYNET members!

Picture credit: Annette Quarry

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