Georgian Harmony Singing

Georgian Harmony Singing:

Weds 11, 18 24 April, 2 May,. 10:30 – 12:30

4 week course with Beth de Lange.  Georgian traditional folk harmony is designated part of the world’s  Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.   Beth is passionate about Georgian song and ran the Derby Georgian Choir for seven years. She has studied with various visiting Georgian singers, as well as a visit to Svaneti in 2013. We will dip into her repertoire, which includes toasts, round dances, healing songs, church songs, urban songs, cradle songs, horse riding songs, and greeting and drinking songs. These harmonies are traditionally sung by all-male, or all-female groups. We will sing with whoever comes to the group, so if we are mixed, expect to sing in your upper range if male or comfortable to low range if female.
£40 (£20 for people on means tested benefits or in full time education – please bring evidence of your entitlement to the first course) To book visit or call 07582789406


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