Fox walking and bird language

Fox Walking and Bird Language: Mindful Mornings. With Hannah Ehlert.

Tues 17 April, 24 April, 1 May, 8 May. 10:30 – 12:30

A four week course with Hannah Ehlert, North West England contact for the ‘Eight Shields’ Deep Nature Connection network ( Deep nature connection & sensory awareness practices – for adults.  Sloow doown … fit into landscapes, walk invisible-to drop off animals´ radars. Hear bird-language: understand nature´s concentric warning rings. Sharpen your senses to feel alive and vibrant.  £40 (£20 for people on means tested benefits or in full time education – please bring evidence of your entitlement to the first course) May be open for accompanied children 14 plus, at tutor’s discretion.)  For more information contact the tutor, email To book visit or call 07582789406


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